The Sky Belongs Coming to Life!

Dreams allow us to acheive the impossible. But sometimes, whether because of the pressures from others or doubt in ourselves, we do not trust ourselves to follow those dreams. 


As children we are especially impressionable, letting our dreams but also our fears run free. Kids need to know that it’s okay to reach for the impossible just as Caterpillar does in the story. They need to know that there are characters like Spider out there in the world who will look to surpress their dreams. And just like in the story, they need to learn that hope does not come from somewhere outside of them, but from within.

This story was born to remind readers of what they already know but are scared to realize. It is to remind them that even in the most dire situations an optimistic outlook and calm mind can set you free.

Due to its fable-like nature, readers will revisit the story often. They will be reminded to stay optimistic when they get down on themselves. They will remember to consider the possibilities of problem-solving before giving up just as Caterpillar had to when she found herself stuck in Spider’s web. They will be inspired to dream in spite of their doubts.

The story of The Sky Belongs to the Dreamers resonates with children feeling doubtful of themselves and of their dreams. Whether it be the dream to better themselves, strive to become something they currently are not, or maybe just the discovery of a hope that things will get better if they believe in themselves, this story serves as a universal grounding for us all.

Find out more about The Sky Belongs coming to life by following the link to our Publishizer proposal page here:



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