Insatiable published by Horla!

In December 2019 I took a stab at writing horror. This story, titled INSATIABLE, came to me one night as I was getting into bed. I’m excited that felt it could fit into their magazine of intelligent horror.

THE Stench of wet still clung to earthly bound things the morning Fall made the discovery. The storm the night before had raged like an angered spirit until all that remained was sodden earth and a drizzle like a dying whisper.

The small sack of cloth positioned on her doorstep was damp to the touch. She would have mistaken it for something dead, a prank by local kids, if she had not waited and watched it. Three times it grew in a sort of asthmatic gasp, only to recede until she was sure whatever was inside was not dead but alive and breathing. She said nothing, only turned on her heels and went into the house, emerging less than a minute later with two rubber gloves and an old blanket...