The Sky Belongs to the Dreamers

The Sky Belongs to the Dreamers is not just a narrative but a dedication to Eli Watkins. You can read more about Eli, his awesome parents, and their story here:

Stories by nature are not about length.

Indeed, many of the most beautiful stories are short.

If we should measure stories by anything, we should measure them in love. We should measure them in the lives they touch, and in the joy they spread.

This book is dedicated to Eli, whose short but surpassingly beautiful story reminds us of the beauty in the struggle, and the light which can continue to shine even after we have gone.

“You may think you own the destinies of all those trapped in your web Spider, but the destinies of others can never be owned.”

The girls read this book as their bedtime story. They loved it so much, they wanted to read it again! Love the drawings!

Carol D.

Elegantly written book that will inspire kids to follow their dreams.

Matt S.

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